By: Coach Paul Tremlin

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on athletic nutrition and presented a question that went like this…

Do youth and high school athletes have a grasp on how to utilize healthy nutrition to maximize their training potential to become top performance athletes?

It is apparent that in a world of fast food, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners and foods pumped with preservatives that athletes face a greater challenge in their nutritional choices. The key to being educated on nutrition is knowing what to avoid and what to have, plain and simple.

My first article on athletic nutrition,

“Healthy Nutrition for Athletes PT. I: 5 Foods Athletes Should Avoid

focused on what foods athletes need to steer clear of due to being associated with poor nutrition. Remember, nutrition is everything for athletes and their bodies. It’s their fuel, their recovery and their gains. It’s the edge that top performance athletes have over all other athletes. If you did not get the chance to read HNFAP1, you can access that article HERE

healthy eating wordle

For this article, it’s time to turn the attention to 5 foods that athletes should start having NOW! Links will be provided for you to gather more information on each food listed below.

  1. H20 – There are so many incredible benefits to water! Want to know what they are, check out CFC Coach Chris Thomas’s article, “Awesome Overlooked Benefits to Water” 

    Water is ALWAYS the better choice over sodas and other drinks filled with artificial sweeteners! If you are looking for some flavor try green tea or juice that is naturally sweetened.

  1. Nuts – These little guys are a good source of fuel being packed with protein, healthy fats, magnesium, and other nutrients. Nuts also compliment an athlete’s lifestyle by being a quick food-on-the-go.

Importance of Nuts & Seeds

  1. Superfoods – For #3 we’re going to focus solely on avocados, because they are absolutely AWESOME! Athletes need good fats to have energy and drive during training. Avocados also protect against cell damage and inflammation!

Avocados For The Athlete

Other superfoods include: spinach, salmon, berries, quinoa, and sweet potatoes.

  1. Protein – Everyone knows protein is important for athletes. Protein provides the body with amino acids that are vital for recovery. If an athlete is not consuming protein on a daily basis, athletes may be taking their training and heading in the wrong direction that can lead to muscle injury. To learn more about how much protein to consume and when, read CFC Coach Chris Thomas’s article,

    “How Much Protein Should I be Taking?”

Athletes can get protein from nuts, lean meats (like turkey and salmon), grains and vegetables.

  1. Carbs – Right off the bat, I’m declaring that McDonald’s fries DO NOT count as a proper source of carbs. The importance of carbs in an athlete’s diet is that they provide fuel for activity and recovery. Good sources of carbs are sweet potatoes, wild rice (or quinoa) and humus (or chickpeas).

5 Best Carbs For Athletes

I’ll finish this article with how I started the previous article. For athletes to become top performance athletes, we need to understand how to properly use nutrition as a way to maximize training. There are foods that athletes should avoid and foods that athletes need to consume to become top performance athletes.


“Train like an athlete, EAT LIKE A NUTRITIONIST, sleep like a baby.”