The Turn 2 staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, from collegiate participation and coaching, all the way to the professional level. We pride ourselves in developing multiple aspects of our athletes’ lives. We instruct our athletes to give them the physical tools and knowledge necessary to become successful. We believe mental toughness is an essential part of success and teach our athletes to overcome adversity and rise above failure. Most importantly, we care about their well-being: how to be a good teammate, how to communicate, and how to balance their academics and athletics.



Every Turn 2 athlete trains with three objectives in mind:

  • Train Hard

This is a combination of work ethic and focus. Teaching a mentality of anything that is worth doing is worth doing with maximum effort.


  • Train Smart

This is based on systematic planning and programming. Training should be based around safety, knowledge, and common sense.


  • Train with a Purpose

This is based on athletes setting and achieving goals. Every drill or practice they complete should have a purpose with a goal in mind. Our training is built around the importance of developing overall athleticism. We build ownership in our athletes. At Turn 2 we do not want to build robots, we want to build athletes that are well rounded, knowledgeable, in control, and intelligent about their athletic movements.


We use a K.F.C. approach to building improvements.

K - KNOWLEDGE Players obtain a solid understanding and ThomasCalderHittingKNOWLEDGE of fundamental and advanced body movements involved in baseball and softball.

F - FEEL Players obtain body awareness and FEEL of correct vs incorrect movements through knowledge and quality repetition of technique actions.

C - CONTROL Players obtain “Thoughtless Actions” through continued quality repetition and body awareness. CONTROL is consistent technical actions combined with rhythm and timing during actions




We at Turn 2 train our athletes around a three season approach:

1. OUT OF SEASON - During this season our students have a

specific focus on skill break-down and improvement. Each lesson is planned according to the students individual needs and skill level. Students learn how to set goals and apply lesson focus points outside their lesson and how to practice on their own.

2. PRE-SEASON - When our student enter this season, we continue to develop solid fundamentals, but move away from breaking-down those skills, and toward making the movements natural. Lessons are focused more on game-like situations, and trusting the movements. Students are challenged with thinking about situations and having an overall approach to playing the game.

3. IN-SEASON - Students maintain their fundamental skills during this season. During competition we challenge our students to recognize their weaknesses, and communicate those successes and struggles back to their instructor. Lessons are high intensity and low repetition, and will be based on the specific needs of the student.