Brett Swip

Brett Swip

Brett Swip

Director of Softball

B.S. Business Administration from Truman State University

  • Former College Coach (Truman State University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Webster University)
  • Co-Founder Collinsville Extreme Baseball and Softball Club 

In 1998, I got in to coaching out of necessity.  My father had passed away and my sister's softball team was left without a coach.  I gained great appreciation for coaches and a true love of the game that exceeded even my playing experiences.  I pursued every avenue to learn which led me to becoming a college coach an ultimately a student of the game.  My true passion is in teaching the game which brought me to Turn 2 and has filled my softball and baseball heart for the past 7 years.  Providing information to athletes that helps the "light bulb turn on" is what it is all about for me.

When coaching, I stress two concepts for athletes to focus on:

1) Outwork your opponent - sometimes your opponent is someone on your team that you are trying to beat out of a position and more often it is someone on the other team you are playing.  If you work harder than those opponents, your opportunities to succeed will be greater.

2) Focus on the process, not the outcome - statistics only tell one side of the story, the true determination of success is how you go about it.  You can control the process at which you perform a skill, but you can not control the outcome in sports.  Focus on doing things the right way and at the end of the season, your outcomes will look pretty good.