Bachelors degree in Special Education from Webster University (St. Louis, MO) graduated in 2009

  • Lincoln Community High School – 3 year varsity shortstop & catcher, captain Senior Year, 2 year varsity basketball
  • Lincoln College (2004-2006) – starting catcher
  • Webster University (2006-2009) – 3 year starter, 2 year captain, catcher, shortstop, third base, career HR record holder, career RBI record holder
  • 2007 SLIAC Newcomer of the Year, 1st team all conference
  • 2008 SLIAC Player of the Year, 1st team all conference, All-Regional team
  • 2009 SLIAC 1st team all conference, Sweet 16 finalists

Why You Coach

I coach because I want others to love the game as much as I do. I coach because I want young athletes to increase their self-confidence by playing a sport they like doing. I coach because I want to instill the passion that I have for the game into athletes so they can teach others when they get older. I coach because I it gives me the opportunity to constantly learn new things.

Words I Live By

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Random Stuff

I’m a Military Police Officer in the Army National Guard. I hate glitter and bacon. I love riding my Harley, musicals, and sports. I live in St. Louis with my partner in crime Erynn and our two dogs.