Join us this summer for some great training and a lot of fun! Summer school is being offered for...

Baseball: Pitching & Hitting
Softball: Hitting
Baseball & Softball: Fielding / Defense

Summer school is being offered Mon - Wed with day and afternoon options.

Classes start week of June 5th


Baseball Hitting

$160 8 Weeks
  • Fine tune your technique, timing and mental toughness as a hitter! You will be challenged to make adjustments at the plate!

Baseball Pitching

$160 8 Weeks
  • Master the skills of the attack position, balance point and getting over your front side!

Softball Hitting

$160 8 Weeks
  • Improve your approach at the plate! Become a mentally tough hitter working on skills like technique and timing!


$160 8 Weeks
  • Improve your defensive IQ! Perfect skills like technique, in-game situations, footwork, transitions and more!