Good Morning Everyone!
As Turn 2 & CFC Athletes compete on the diamond this season, we would like to highlight three athletes whose hard work in the cage is paying off on the diamond. We are proud of all the work our athletes are putting in, especially the three below!  
Turn 2 & CFC Coaches


Emma Kiger is a Turn 2 Softball Athlete and plays for 10U Bluff City. Her hard work in the cage is paying off on the field. This past weekend, Kiger went 3-4 which included her first home run at Lenz Field! She also drew 4 walks at the plate. 

Emma trains with Coach Tim on hitting and has worked with both Coach Lauren & Coach Wade in pitching. 
Keep it up Emma, that home run was the first of many!


Megan Radae is a CrossFit Collinsville Teen, Turn 2 Softball Premier Hitter and a Senior at Edwardsville High School. Her focus on ‘in-season’ strength training has been on being technique strong on her lifts, which has led to her staying healthy and consistent on the field for Edwardsville. 


Crossfit Coach Chris Thomas had this to say about Megan’s training. 


“Megan has been really consistent getting in [which can be a challenge during the season] and it shows in her steady improvements and  strength gains.”


Megan, along with her sister Sara, will be playing softball for McKendree University next fall.


Connor Adams currently does pitching training at Turn 2 with Coach Paul Tremlin. Adams is also a RHP / SS for Coach TIm Fox with the 12U Collinsville Extreme. Adams had a pair of stellar performances last week that included him pitching a no hit  shutout last Tuesday and hitting two home runs last Thursday. To cap off his Thursday performance, his second home run was a walk-off that lifted his team to a 4-3 win. 


Coach Paul had these remarks about Adams,

“Connor Adams has the make of a really good ball player. He’s built like a pitcher and is a good athlete for his age. We’ve been working on him getting more drive off the mound and being more fluid with his mechanics. Those two things will impact his ability to create even more power, which is a scary thought for any hitter facing him.”