Baseball & softball are team sports made up of individuals who contribute to the team in many different ways.  

Not only is it important that the team is training together (team practices), but it is equally important to make sure each individual is taking time to grow his or her game as well.  Here at Turn 2, we provide many different training opportunities to support athletes and their personal development but one that most often gets overlooked is our small group training classes.   

There is VALUE in small group training opportunities because the sport we play is played as a team.  One person can’t win a baseball or softball game. A pitcher needs a catcher and a defense behind them to throw a no-hitter.  A hitter needs teammates to provide them with information they gathered about the pitcher during their at-bat. A shortstop needs a 1st baseman to finish off that ESPN Top 10 play.  The list goes on and on.


WHY are small group training classes the MOST VALUABLE setting athletes can train in?  What better opportunities do small group training environments provide compared to other training environments?


  • Healthy, COMPETITIVE training environment
  • Develop TEAM WORK skills / become a better TEAM player
  • Opportunity to receive VISUAL FEEDBACK from your peers
  • Learn how to provide CONSTRUCTIVE, VERBAL FEEDBACK to your peers
  • Allows coaches to create GAME LIKE SITUATIONS within training environment
  • Opportunity to develop friendships with athletes that have SIMILAR GOALS


Logistically . . .

  • LONGER DURATION of training compared to your typical private lesson (1 hr vs. 30 min)
  • LOWER PRICE POINT compared to private lessons


Consider the OPPORTUNITIES a small group training environment provides for your athlete(s) and sign up for Turn 2’s small group training classes that include hitting, BB pitching, SB pitching, overhand throwing development, BB infield, and more.  


Our Advanced / Specialty Classes (5th-12th Grade) launched last week.  View / sign up for these classes HERE!   These classes start the week of October 15 so sign up TODAY.  Limited spots available.


More about our Advanced / Specialty Classes . . .


Our advanced/specialty group training classes are geared towards middle school through high school aged baseball and softball athletes who have established a good foundation of skills but are looking to expand their knowledge and take the next step in their development.  These classes will be taught in a progressive manner, challenging the athletes to get out of their comfort zone and learn advanced skills that will help them reach their short-term and long-term goals.  To track growth of our athletes over the 6-week span of the class, advanced group/specialty training classes will include video analysis and measurements.  These classes will run 6 weeks in length with one hour of training per week.


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Our Foundational Classes (K-5th Grade) will be launching SOON.  Find out more info HERE (scroll to the bottom)!


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