We are focused on the development of all skills (mentally, physically, emotionally) that lead to growth both on and off the field. We train our athletes based on their present needs specific to the sport but most importantly, we equip them with long-term life and sport knowledge valuable to them as they transition through various stages of life. We desire for athletes that train at Turn 2 to be leaders at their schools and in their respective communities now and for many years to come.


When you walk in our doors, it’s about more than just baseball and softball.  We invest in your athlete in all areas of life. We want to create long-term positive change in your athlete both on and off the field. We do this by developing long-lasting relationships with our athlete. You will often find instructors at Turn 2 asking their athletes about school, other sports they play, or just having a casual conversation about life.  We desire to be transformational coaches (focused on the whole person) rather than transactional coaches (focused only on performance). Transformational coaching cultivates a healthy environment that provides the best opportunity for maximum growth of the whole person.  



We build our curriculum strategically, focusing on developing and improving an athlete’s skills for the immediate season but also keeping in mind what’s best for the athlete’s long-term health both on and off the field. While all athletes and instructors want to see immediate change and improvement, we are careful to put the longevity of an athlete at risk because we want an immediate fix in a certain skill. We want our athletes to stay consistently healthy during their playing career and as they transition away from sports and to adulthood.



Whether it’s making their middle school team, being an All-State high school player, or fulfilling the life-long dream of playing collegiately, it is imperative that athletes have training goals (more short-term) to support their playing goals (more long-term). We work individually with each athlete to support the goals they already have in place or help kids establish goals if they need some direction building them. We strategically build each athlete’s curriculum with his or her goals in mind, and we periodically evaluate our curriculum to assure it is supporting the athlete’s training goals and playing goals.  



We desire to provide training curriculum that helps athletes turn short-term adjustments into good long-term habits. Change happens over time with the support of the instructor providing the knowledge, drills, and tools while the athlete begins to gain confidence and understanding of the skills being taught so much so that the athlete begins to make short-term adjustments that translate to long-term habits over time. To support athletes in their long-term development, instructors will provide athletes with various tools and drills to complete at home while they are away from the training facility, allowing athletes to close the gap quicker.



To maximize the potential of our athletes and provide a game-like environment, we believe in providing a competitive training environment. We bring the competition into our training. We desire to create a high-pressure environment that provides athletes with the opportunity to compete against themselves and with other fellow competitors. Learning how to overcome a challenge and learning how to respond to adversity is all a part of the growth of our athletes both on and on the field. A competitive environment fosters a mindset of never settling and striving for excellence daily.